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Dear Fellow Creative,

  • Are your creative projects stalled or falling short of your dreams?
  • Do you want to powerfully unleash your creative potential?
  • Are you already expressing your creative gifts but long to take it to the next level?
  • Do you want to discover new ways to make a difference in healing the Earth?

If so, grab a plane ticket for Montana! I am an internationally known artist/author and not only do I have command of  my creative processes but I am ready and willing to teach you how to take command of yours as well.

Just think how life changing it would feel to at last unleash your full creative potential, expressing your gifts powerfully in the physical world. Imagine having an easy way to expand your creative skills without the struggle so often involved with learning new skills. Imagine a life of creative play that ignites positive change all around you.

With the unique methods I teach for working with energy and creativity you will express your gifts in ways you have never even dreamed possible.

The transformation from being stuck and frustrated into being powerfully aligned with your own creative process is immense.

Even more immense is the transformation from aligning your own creative energies with the creative energies of the Earth. This heals both you and the Earth at the same time while you truly express your own creative gifts.

Come to the Heal the Earth Retreat in Montana where I will share everything I can with you in our time together. And I promise to show you how to take it even farther  than you ever imagined when you return home.

View of Montana Mountains from Burnt Tree on Madison River

Just imagine, five days for you to experience this life changing transformation!

  • Immerse yourself in the beauty and healing of the earth.
  • Enjoy the richness of a creative human community.
  • Learn to powerfully express your deepest gifts.

But wait! How do we translate these great ideas into the physical world?

Well, my friend, the class is taught in a special way that makes it all directly practical. You learn the energy processes that bring a deep creative focus to your actions. You learn how to keep distortions from entering your work. Then you learn how to create anything in a profoundly simple but powerful way.

Once you learn this process, you can apply it to any creative endeavor you choose. You can cook gourmet meals that astound, write that book you have been dreaming for years, launch a business, or do anything else you are inspired to pursue.

The process works equally well for learning something brand new or for taking your existing skills to an entirely new level of power. We will practice with watercolors at the retreat so that you fully experience applying the process to your creative efforts.

I look forward to joining you in Montana!

Retreat dates are February 19-23, 2011.

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Lexi Sundell

Artist/gallery owner

Author of Painting Acrylic Flowers A-Z and other books

Co-founder of Crystalline Consciousness Technique™

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